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Thank you for visiting! Please take a minute to glance through my site. I hope the information provided will answer many of your questions.

I love to laugh and smile and I am very spontaneous and full of energy. You will find my personality to be honest, genuine and refreshing. Being an adventurous and open-minded lady, I am sure that you will not be disappointed by the time that we spend together.

Even though my face is blurred, I can assure you this is due to respect for my family and privacy. I have a very beautiful face and perfect smile so dont' worry..... I truly deliver in looks!


About Me


Sensual, erotic, experienced girl for your lustful pleasure. I've learnt from the best, and practice makes perfect! Very friendly, easygoing, wicked sense of humour! Love men of all ages, shy guys, widowers, broken. Great listener. Compassionate and understanding. Always immaculately groomed and dressed. Beautiful, fresh, charming and loving eyes are amongst my greatest assets, but it is my ability to provide you with unrivalled pleasure that has men coming back for more.

I offer a very passionate girlfriend type service, including kissing on lips and from head to toe. I am clean, healthy, very friendly and my service is unrushed. Go once or go as many times as you can, choice is yours. I am an expert at making you last. I like my clients to leave feeling 10 feet tall and bulletproof. Oh and drained of course....

I offer both Incall and Outcall Services. Outcall Service to your hotel or home. You can feel totally relaxed with me in my place. For your safety and mine, I only provide safe services at all times! I like to meet new people and I can travel almost anywhere on the globe by client request.

  Thank you for looking at my profile.  

Name: LettuceMeat Main City: Orange County, CA Sex: Female Sex Preference: Straight Body Type: Curvy Chest: 38G Height: 5' 7" Weight: 165 lbs Race/Ethnic: White Age: 40 Availability: Incalls/Outcalls 1st Language: English 2nd Language: Turkish 3rd Language: spanglish Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Redhead Hair Type: Straight Hair Length: Shoulder-Length Body Piercings: A few Breast Implants: No Grooming: Trimmed Tattoos?: A few Smokes?: not in room, not with clients, Porn Star?: No Likes: Gifts, Good hygiene, Mature, respectful gentlemen, Chocolates, Well-groomed, Gentlemen over 30 years old, Fine dining, Sense of humor Dislikes: Bad breath, Poor hygeine, Rude behavior, Bargaining my prices, Personal questions, Bad attitude, Body odor, Unshowered guests, Bad manners, Arrogance, Clients who don't show up Accept Credit Cards: Cash only Available to: Men 38HH: bust size, all natural


Please see my general rates and services in the table below.

Compensation is for our time together and companionship.

Please provide the cash donation at the beginning of our time together, place somewhere visible, excuse yourself to wash your hands after i count it.

Please never mention, confirm, discuss or negotiate the rate or activities.


For outcalls:

 I do Outcalls any time, I prefer at least 1 hour appointments if more than 5 miles away from my loction, minimum hhr. depending on distance the rate varies.

I require a travel fee sent prior and proof of address such as a utility bill.

Appointments missed/no call, no show,  A deposit will be required to book for any future appointments. I may also request a deposit if you are under 30, schedule a morning appointment or you give me a time waster vibe.

If I need to cancel deposits will be refunded immediately. If you need to reschedule then do so prior to the day of to avoid having to place another deposit for a future appointment. No refunds on same day cancellations.

 i offer GFE and NON-GFE appointments

see below, look carefully at the rates

All dates must show proof of vaccination in order to not wear a mask during the appointment. I'm still not kissing anyone, so that's off the table.

Rate Session Service Details
$50 USD Outcalls travel fee (under 10 miles) ymmv depending on distance, must send prior with proof of address
$150 USD 30min Incalls NON-GFE
$200 USD 30min Incalls GFE
$200 USD 45min Incalls NON-GFE
$250 USD 45min Incalls GFE
$250 USD 1hr Incalls non-GFE
$300 USD 1hr Incalls GFE
$50 USD 30min Incalls/Outcalls for each additional hhr after the 1st hour
$100 USD 1hr Incalls/Outcalls for each additional hour after the 1st hour
$100 USD 15min Incalls NOT available to NEW CLIENTS! only for repeat offenders, never for a first visit.


Houston, Texas 

I just moved here from orange county, ca

outcalls to surrounding areas with travel fee sent prior and proof of address.

Days Times Location Comments
everyday anytime, 24/7 Outcalls Morning appointments are best scheduled the day before., 2 hrs advance notice preferred for incall but not manditory, it increases your chances of an appointment at the time you want.


If you're new to this hobby, I suggest reading the valley scott blog. An experienced hobbyist giving his insight and tips for navigating these waters. Many ladies endorse much of his advice and support his insight, he does give well rounded advice and insight, he's been around for 20 years.
In light of recent changes, this is an important mention. myself and many ladies have complaints about how men are contacting us. please take note. Don't break the law when you're breaking the law
  • Introduce yourself by name when you first text
  • Please, no calls
  • An Escort is not a prostitute and therefore does not sell sex to their clients. An Escort simply sells the time they spend with their clients and does not charge them for sexual acts. However, what happens whilst accompanied by an Escort is entirely between two or more consenting adults who share similar likes and interests.
  • Escorts are not prostitutes and will not discuss with their new clients such things like sex or sexual acts in any form or manner. People who attempt to associate sex with a fee whilst conversing with an Escort could possibly working for Government agencies, Police departments or are soliciting hookers. Talking about fees for sexual acts will only scare off an Escort and end any further communication between yourselves.
  • When in the company of an Escort, do not assume that they will keep a track of time. If you should happen to exceed the paid amount of time expect to pay additional fees. Like with any industry time means money and you are not entitled to any freebies, so be warned!
  • And last but not least, always remember to tip your escort, even if it's a minor amount. If you're thinking of hiring an Escort make sure to follow these simple rules and you should have no problems and will most definitely have a night to remember. Do yourself and the Escort a favor and play nicely.

*extra tip*

If you find you aren't getting responses, blocked, hung up on, it's your approach and you're saying the wrong things. plain and simple. Don't speak explicitly! Don't text her with things like "hi", "wyd?", "how much for some head?" and NEVER SEND A DICK PIC! 

*Ideal* conversation goes like this: "hi! I'm Jake Smith, I found your info on switter and i'm interested in meeting you tomorrow night. Where can i find your details to set something up? Thanks for your time and you can reach me on this number or my email anytime. I look forward to hearing from you, have a good night."

always provide all the info requested in the first message, don't waste our time and frustrate us by making us pull every bit of info we need from you.  It only frustrates us to have to do so and you're wasting our time, we are busy and not sitting around bored.

As a rule we won't reply if it's been more than an hour or two. Text us again, We don't know unless you tell us when it's ok to text.

Follow the instructions in the ad this alone raises your chances dramatically on getting that date. Most ladies favor men that can read and follow directions, you'll go to the front of the line with every lady by doing so!




Am I available?

Always. If you prescreen, it's much easier to book an appointment with me and communications via text are nicer and friendlier.

There's nothing I hate more than a random texter asking me where I am and if I'm available and you have yet to identify yourself or send me screening info. It's rude and their's a big probability i won't respond.

i'm flexible with location, let me know in advance when and where you wanna meet and i'll do my best to accommodate. typically i have a lose tentative schedule, flexible, and will find a way to make things work, just communicate with me.

What's the purpose of screening? Why do it?

The purpose of screening has a multitude of reasons.

1) to ensure I'm not meeting a dangerous/violent person.

2) safety, if I am harmed in any way, i can know who it was that hurt me and report them.

3) as a deterent to anyone that was possibly thinking about doing harm to me. It's less likely you will harm me if I know your name and phone number, etc.

4) To weed out potential bad clients, shady people lie.

5) To avoid LE

 I warn men to be worried about seeing a lady that does NOT screen, LE doesn't screen either and you could be walking into a sting Op. Sending screening info also let's me know you are serious.

do i have to submit info, is there another way to be screened?

yes you do and no, not really anymore. if you happen to know one of my friends and get her to refer you. i'll consider it. but unless i know the girl, I don't accept references. I have no way to verify her with all the sites shutting down and far too many men have abused that method with providing fake references. And ladies are terrible about replying.

i also tell guys that are wary about screening and giving their info out to be concerned if she doesn't ask for info to screen. LE isn't gonna screen guys that wanna go see an undercover LE. They wanna get as many guys as possible to show up. if a girl isn't screening she doesn't care about her safety or yours. guys shouldn't make screening so hard, it's to protect us. never is used maliciously or for blackmail. it tells us you're real and not LE as well as dangerous with intent to harm. when men won't give their real info and try to trick me, i know. if someone doesn't have anything on the internet, i think LE or dangerous with intent to harm me. if a guy lies with fake info i will refuse to ever meet him. and no, talking on the phone or facetime isn't screening. we need to verify you are who you claim to be, not a ghost.

How long does screening take?

Most average screenings take appoximately an hour. it's easier and faster when you submit all fields completely and honestly. If incomplete info is submitted it takes longer. Fake info even longer. If i can't verify you are a real person that exists, it takes much longer as I have to dig deeper. A stronger online presence takes far less time. If I can see links to a facebook or are a business owner/professional, it's fairly easy to verify someone. If you plan on submitting fake info, don't bother, you're just wasting my time and I won't see you anyways. I always figure out it's fake info and I've never granted a date to a man who tried to trick me.

Why don't you discuss rates and activities?

Google is your friend. Any questions relating to these topics are a red flag and to avoid you at all costs. Never ask by phone, text, or in person.

Do you have a booker, manager, assistant?

No, I schedule all my own appointments, do all my own screenngs, return all messages myself, do my own laundry, book my own rooms, drive myself to any appointments I have, and everything else is done myself. I'm independent in every way.

why won't you negotiate?

My rates are set to be comparable with other ladies in my area who are on the same level. Being self employed is stressful and uncertain.  I am very low volume and don't see men daily. I put a lot of effort into making every date a great one. I take 2 hours to get ready for a date whether its for hhr or hr+. My room rates don't change depending on my donations so my rates are set to cover overhead fees. Also, anyone that haggles also won't leave a tip, doesn't value me and likely doesn't see me as a person and am objectified by him and seen as worthless, dumb, and infrior to him.


you can find my reviews on https://privatedelights.ch/profile/LettuceMeat and https://www.eroticmonkey.ch/lettucemeat-escort-tustin-247367 and



  • itsjp

    Added Sep 05, 2019
    Amazing experience with a true professional. Very clean and discreet incall location. Once the screening process was complete, super easy scheduling and communication.

    Meeting was so laid back and conversation was very easy. I had a great time just getting to know her and quickly felt like old friends and very comfortable.

    LM is incredibly sensual and all about making you feel great from the moment you arrive. She is true GFE right from the get go.

    All services provided were top notch and I cannot wait to schedule my next session.

    Do not hesitate to consider scheduling time with this amazing beauty!

    Side note, for the services offered where I listed "No" the item was not discussed during our session.

  • moscow mitch

    Added Jun 05, 2019
    When I think of Lettucemeat, the second thing that comes to mind is her intelligence. She's smarter than your average working girl. Now you might be thinking to yourself, "What the fuck do I care about how smart she is?" And yes, it's true that intelligence is overrated in many contexts. I mean my boss is one of the dumbest motherfuckers to ever live, and he's doing well for himself. But it's a positive in this field because smart equals perceptive. A perceptive girl will figure out what gets you off and maximize your pleasure. On the flip side, if you're a piece of shit she will recognize this and not put up with your crap. You've been warned.

    The third thing that comes to mind is that she genuinely enjoys the company of men. There's nothing worse than a provider that hates what she's doing. Lettucemeat likes giving head and making out and is extremely responsive when getting her pussy eaten (although she's not the biggest fan of getting rimmed). Her kitty is so snug that she may struggle to accommodate you if you're hung. Treat her well and your kindness will be rewarded with a full, no rush experience. Service with a smile--she's going to do her best to make you a regular. Did I say she's smart?

    The first thing I think of is her rack, of course. Her jugs are firm, very round, heavy and just plain spectacular. Unless you have hands like the Greek Freak (and maybe even then), her boobs will make them seem tiny.

    As a bonus, Lettucemeat is usually up late, for all you night owls like me. I've repeated.

  • cchen067

    Added Nov 22, 2018

  • zetrocyourworld

    Added Nov 01, 2018

    First off great Great handle name, Wow amazing time I had, this was our first meet and she made it a night to remember. She was running a little behind, which allowed us to have dinner get delivered and allowed us to get to know each other, we talked she has an amazing mind to go along with that outstanding body. My mind , got stimulated with a great Conversation. As we talk she transform from a natural beauty to a goddess. There was no rush of time, from start to finish exquisite is the best word I can say. If I could give her a 7 star rated I would. I am so glad we meet and will meet again very soon
    The Juicy Details
    First off I will be repeating date. Amazing FS, Marvelous at BBBJ, Exquisite DATY, she goes above and beyond, so good, she joy the Pearl necklace. 7 Star review

  • zetrocyourworld

    Added Nov 01, 2018

    Visiting So OC, it was my repeat date for me. First time was outstanding, like they say the dates are better second time and it true. Great personality great body,great Conversation equals a great night
    The Juicy Details
    This time was better even better then my first date cause I knew what she like, she is so down to earth, beautiful, and she stimulated my mind as well as my body We have great chemistry,great time, deafly will see her again. 10 plus provider. ????????????????????

  • yeldeer50

    Added Oct 07, 2018

  • laboyami

    Added Oct 01, 2018

    Fun, naturally busty, naturally smart and funny BBW. Well worth your time!
    The Juicy Details
    She has long been on my radar and I'm so glad I was finally able to connect. She is a very attractive, slightly BBW woman. Her breasts should be a national treasure. Great eyes, pretty smile. She is warm and funny and honest and smart--four things I find attractive. We took our time talking and getting to know each other, so that when we finally kissed, it felt very natural. I took some time, heading downstairs to give her the attention she deserved. She certainly seemed to enjoy it, anyway. After I came up for air, we cuddled and kissed awhile longer, and then she returned the favor. She does have a talented mouth. Finally, she covered me up and we went to CG, starting slowly and building up quickly until the inevitable. This was a really fun encounter and I look forward to connecting up with her again, soon.

  • torpedoman69

    Added Sep 06, 2018

  • HHH8907

    Added Sep 01, 2018

    Set up fairly easy. Was waiting for another provider to sync up with my schedule, but couldn't wait any longer. So, i chose her.
    I would agree entirely. In my short list of encounters, she is my ATF. For that hour, i really felt like she was my gf. True GFE. Highly recommend. Will repeat.
    The Juicy Details
    Walked in the hotel room to see this beautiful Lady. She asked me to freshen up a bit.
    Even though i had just showered before leaving for my appointment, I obliged because I think I would have done anything she asked. After the shower she asked me to unzip her cute LBD and we lay on the bed and talked for a bit.
    She is well spoken and intelligent. Asked about my work and was engaged and interested. Great body, although smaller breasts than I imagined. Did not care about that at all. Started with some french kissing. Great tongue.
    Then to a bare back blow job with great attention to my testicles. I felt really taken care of, she was warm and sensual.
    Put the condom on and she lubed up a bit. Great sex. Accommodating and unrushed. So beautiful to look at.
    She really seemed to enjoy it. Even if its fake, I'm glad she plays the part. (maybe it wasn't fake...). When I was about to cum, she caressed my testicles and licked my neck. Those things really enhanced my orgasm. She excused herself to the bathroom.
    When she came back, there was time left. She and I just laid on the bed and talked for the rest of the time.
    I never felt like she wanted me to rush out of there, even though she told me I was her last appointment.
    I almost left my watch in the bathroom and she reminded me about it. When I left, she said i was good company and wouldn't mind if I booked her again. I will.

  • irishpilot

    Added Jul 10, 2018

  • dutchtreat

    Added May 01, 2018

    What you see is what you get..... and then some! Very friendly, witty and outgoing. I can’t remember if I’ve ever seen her without a smile on her face. Next to Disneyland, her tits are a must see attraction the next time you’re in Orange County!
    The Juicy Details
    Lettucemeat/Ginger is a real sweetheart, once you earn her trust. She insists upon screening, which is totally understandable given the deadbeats that she and other providers are forced to endure. The previous reviewer is a shining example of that. I have been seeing her for almost a year and she has been nothing but polite, accommodating and has never once rushed me out the door. To the contrary. In fact I sometimes feel guilty about how generous she’s been spending time with me. I don’t always write reviews as I prefer to keep the gems to myself. But when I saw how vicious and punitive that the previous review was, I felt compelled to set the record straight. If you treat Ginger right, you will be rewarded with the sweet sound of her whimpering with pleasure and erupting with delight after a lengthy session of DATY. Her oral skills are toe curling. She’s always been freshly showered right before I show up. And she’s been very flexible with her schedule, as I tend to be an early riser. She does her homework when screening, so don’t BS her, or any other provider for that matter. She plays safe, so don’t misinterpret her kindness for weakness. Thanks for the mammaries, Ginger! Until next time.

  • devilinmissjones

    Added Aug 01, 2017

    I found Ginger and reached out to her via email. She was at first slow to respond and a bit skeptical because she is an HX girl, but eventually we got a dialogue going and started using this website (nice feature I hadn't used, BTW). Eventually we got to a point where we could nail down an appointment and switch to text. She must have verified me further that way, because next thing I knew she sent me her menu, location, etc. Arrived at a standard motel and was pleased when I opened the door. She is for sure the girl in the pics...milky skinned redhead with blue eyes and a gigantic natural rack. She and greeted me with a warm hug and off we went. I will for sure repeat...
    The Juicy Details
    Ginger is a fun, sexy charismatic redhead that is not quite BBW, although a bit heavier than her pics. Fine by me because you can tell right away she likes what she does and has a very down to earth attitude. And my goodness what a fantastic pair of big, soft, natural jugs that she is very proud of. The skin on her back and legs wasn't as nice as advertised, but I only say that to manage expectations (pics depict perfect milky skin but not entirely the case).
    I was pretty built up and ready to go, so off came her lingerie and we started off with some tit suckling and an wonderful BBBJ that is as good as advertised. We did a little DFK and more fondling, and it was all I could do not to bust in her mouth as she sucked me and I played with her nice shaven kitty (one that has never had kids, she shared with me). I'm not always a DATY guy, but she listed it as one of her turns ons and I was in the mood, and she also is a self proclaimed squirter. I flipped her on her back and dined on her box for a good 10 minutes, and she does a nice job of giving instruction without being overly demanding. I must have been an apt pupil, because I enjoyed it much more than I thought and although there were no waterworks I am certain I gave her quite the earth shattering O.
    My turn. I went for my signature Russian finish, and she lubed up her tits and I mounted her chest like an eager cowboy. That was pure heaven, especially when my hog would peek out from her cleavage and she would flick her tongue and sometimes take my unit into her mouth. I am not long when this happens, so when I was ready I pulled back a bit a sprayed my load all over her magnificent tits, which she genuinely seemed to enjoy with a giggle.
    We chatted a bit and had some wine, and before I knew it round 2 was on. I fed her my rock hard cock while she was lying back on the couch, and soon we moved to the bed and she put on the cover. Her pussy is wet, tight and total heaven as I hammered away in traditional mish. Then I pulled her back a bit so I could look in the mirror, and really appreciated what a pro she is when she put a pillow under her ass to optimize my entry angle (I am pretty tall and was standing on edge of bed). This is an image I won't forget soon. She was on her back, giant tits making swaying arches in the air as I plowed away as hard as I possibly could, both hands on her inner thighs spreading her kitty wide. She took my cock like a champ and before long I busted in the bag and collapsed in a heap.
    Good stuff guys...treat her well and she will do the same. She is anything but a clock watcher, and I'm pretty sure she would have let me stay for round 3 but I had to leave and just didn't have it in me. I will be seeing Ginger again.

  • billinirvine

    Added Jul 01, 2017

    I am a slave to providers near me (schedule and hate traffic), and luckily Lettuce Meat ('Let Us Meet') was near and available. Not to just focus on her ample and amazing rack, she is a lively, polite, CLEAN encounter. I'll repeat whenever time/location mesh.
    The Juicy Details
    LM is an indy, not managed, 40 yr. old zaftig (36 H) below shoulder redhead that is a bunch of fun. 5'7", probably 140#, couple of tats. Pierced sensitive (in a good way) nips. I just went for a HH at lunchtime. Planned on a 50/50, but her BBBJCIM was one of the best I've had. Never made it to FS, but she allowed FIV finger play so I could get warmed up. Can't wait to return to rub her bean, and feel what else she can do. When she opened the door, she was in a crotch-less lingerie set that was really sporty. A little small talk and then to action. All at my pace; never felt rushed. This girls body may be ample, but it is firm; near alabaster white skin with no sag, rolls, etc. Perfect. Personality was great; it was a FWB meeting, not a hired encounter... at least that's how it felt.

  • explain54

    Added Jul 01, 2017

    Met her through another site. Have seen her a few times now and plan to repeat. One of the more clever handles around and gives you some idea of her good sense of humor. She is small bbw with a cute face and a real, pretty spectacular set of 36 H boobs. She describes them as "circus tits, they're a side show all of their own." Communication was good throughout the process. She is based in Orange County, but does tour around So Cal.
    The Juicy Details
    Arrived at the hotel and parked. Texted her and a few minutes later got her room #. Knocked and was let in. Greeted with a hug and a kiss. She was just out of the shower both times. We chatted a bit before getting comfortable on the bed. She's got a bubbly, upbeat personality. Started with plenty of real dfk. She then moved down for an excellent bbbj, with bls alternating with Russian(as good as you are hoping for) and moving up for more dfk. Finished off with cim. She went to the bathroom to spit and came back an cleaned me up and laid back down for some cuddle and convo. Not a clock watcher at all.
    Have enjoyed both my dates with her and I'm sure I'll see her again.

overhead costs

Many people have little knowledge of the costs we cover to work. Many think we are raking in the dough, that maybe true but where does the money go? here's a conservative outline of what our money goes to. I chose to go with the lowest numbers when factoring costs.

$4000 hotel fees
800 advertising
400 toiletries
400 personal up keep
400 travel expenses
600 eating out
100 phone& WiFi
$35 pobox
40 screening services
Overhead grand total=$6775 per month.

breaking it down:

tip the maid! Per day:
2 star $5
3 star $10
4 star $15
5 star $20

rooms typically run $100-200 per day

parking, valet and bellman are included in the room rates i projected

few sites offer free posts $25-50 per day for ads

40 covers $20
lube $20
$200-400 a month for cut & color
$20-60 a week on our nails

Not to mention Rent, health care, taxes, lingerie & clothing plus make up and a lot of other things. Car insurance, registration, gas and ​Maintenance.

Factor these in too:
Legal fees
Car repairs
Student loans
Medical bills


Grand total for overhead $6775
Some ladies pay more some get by on less but for the bulk of us this is what it costs for us.

$7000 per month so on average we need to make $240 per day or $1750 per week just to cover over head. Didn’t factor in other living expenses and bills because we all have something different there.



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