In light of recent changes, this is an important mention. myself and many ladies have complaints about how men are contacting us. please take note.
  • Introduce yourself by name when you first call
  • An Escort is not a prostitute and therefore does not sell sex to their clients. Even though people often make this simple mistake the difference between the two must be stressed. An Escort simply sells the time they spend with their clients and does not charge them for sexual acts. However, what happens whilst accompanied by an Escort is entirely between two or more consenting adults who share similar likes and interests.
  • As mentioned in Rule 1, Escorts are not prostitutes and will not discuss with their new clients such things like sex or sexual acts in any form or manner. When communication with an Escort keep the conversation light hearted and fun. You are however able to ask an Escort questions about what they are into sexually with regard to their personal life and lifestyle. People who attempt to associate sex with a fee whilst conversing with an Escort could possibly working for Government agencies, Police departments or are soliciting hookers. Talking about fees for sexual acts will only scare off an Escort and end any further communication between yourselves.
  • On the first meeting with your Escort make sure to leave the agreed fee for their services in plain view for them to see and don't be surprised if they take a moment to count it (wouldn't you if your positions were reversed?).
  • Whilst in the company of your Escort you find that you share the same interests and are attracted to one another, then it is up to you to make the first physical contact! Your Escort is not permitted to touch you until you make the first move. Failing to do so means you will remain untouched for the duration. She will leave with her fee when it's time to go.
  • When in the company of an Escort, do not assume that they will keep a track of time. If you should happen to exceed the paid amount of time expect to pay additional fees. Like with any industry time means money and you are not entitled to any freebies, so be warned!
  • And last but not least, always remember to tip your Escort, even if it's a minor amount. If you're thinking of hiring an Escort make sure to follow these simple rules and you should have no problems and will most definitely have a night to remember. Do yourself and the Escort a favor and play nicely.

If you find you aren't getting responses, blocked, hung up on, it's your approach and you're saying the wrong things. plain and simple. Don't text her with things like "hi", "wyd?", "how much for some head?" and NEVER SEND A DICK PIC! Our time is valuable so be short and to the point. We got other things to do than text with you for hours waiting to see if you're gonna book an appointment.

Ideal conversation goes like this: "hi! I'm Jake Smith, I found your info on switter and i'm interested in meeting you tomorrow night. Where can i find your details to set something up? Thanks for your time and you can reach me on this number or my email anytime. I look forward to hearing from you, have a good night."

As a rule we won't reply if it's been more than an hour or two. Text us again, We don't know unless you tell us when it's ok to text.


Am I available?

Always. If you prescreen, it's much easier to book an appointment with me and communications via text are nicer and friendlier.

There's nothing I hate more than a random texter asking me where I am and if I'm available and you have yet to identify yourself or send me screening info. It's rude and their's a big probability i won't respond.

i'm flexible with location, let me know in advance when and where you wanna meet and i'll do my best to accommodate. typically i have a lose tentative schedule, flexible, and will find a way to make things work, just communicate with me.

What's the purpose of screening? Why do it?

The purpose of screening has a multitude of reasons.

1) to ensure I'm not meeting a dangerous/violent person.

2) safety, if I am harmed in any way, i can know who it was that hurt me and report them.

3) as a deterent to anyone that was possibly thinking about doing harm to me. It's less likely you will harm me if I know your name and phone number, etc.

4) To weed out potential bad clients, shady people lie.

5) To avoid LE


do i have to submit info, is there another way to be screened?

yes you do and no, not really anymore. if you happen to know one of my friends and get her to refer you. i'll consider it. but unless i know the girl, I don't accept references. I have no way to verify her with all the sites shutting down and far too many men have abused that method with providing fake references. And ladies are terrible about replying.

i also tell guys that are wary about screening and giving their info out to be concerned if she doesn't ask for info to screen. LE isn't gonna screen guys that wanna go see an undercover LE. They wanna get as many guys as possible to show up. if a girl isn't screening she doesn't care about her safety or yours. guys shouldn't make screening so hard, it's to protect us. never is used maliciously or for blackmail. it tells us you're real and not LE as well as dangerous with intent to harm. when men won't give their real info and try to trick me, i know. if someone doesn't have anything on the internet, i think LE or dangerous with intent to harm me. if a guy lies with fake info i will refuse to ever meet him. and no, talking on the phone or facetime isn't screening. we need to verify you are who you claim to be, not a ghost.

How long does screening take?

Most average screenings take appoximately an hour. it's easier and faster when you submit all fields completely and honestly. If incomplete info is submitted it takes longer. Fake info even longer. If i can't verify you are a real person that exists, it takes much longer as I have to dig deeper. A stronger online presence takes far less time. If I can see links to a facebook or are a business owner/professional, it's fairly easy to verify someone. If you plan on submitting fake info, don't bother, you're just wasting my time and I won't see you anyways. I always figure out it's fake info and I've never granted a date to a man who tried to trick me.

Why don't you discuss rates and activities?

Google is your friend. Any questions relating to these topics are a red flag and to avoid you at all costs. Never ask by phone, text, or in person.

Do I have a booker, manager, assistant?

No, I schedule all my own appointments, do all my own screenngs, return all messages myself, do my own laundry, book my own rooms, drive myself to any appointments I have, and everything else is done myself. I'm independent in every way.

Do You drive yourself?

Yes I do. When I go on outcalls I also have a safety contact i must check in with.

Fake/Bad reviews

i have 1 fake review from a former client. i'm posting to show contradiction to what he claims. all his reviews are negative and bad. i wonder why no good ones? he's retaliating against me for being honest and telling a provider that asked for a reference he ncns multiple times and was often late. she told him what i said and he flipped out. cussed at me and wrote many fake bad reviews in retaliation. he never asked me if i would be a reference for him, he didn't even warn me he gave out my info. if he had he would have known i didn't want that girl contacting me or having my number, he actually dodged a bullet. i've seen him many times over the last year, i cut him off a couple months ago after his last no call no show and he begged and begged to see me again, he never did pay any of the fees for missed appts. he also only books hhr appts and stays much longer but his reviews say hr.

i have contacted the sites to have his reviews removed, i have also messaged him and said i'd give him a few days to cool off and remove the reviews himself before i start adding him to all the blacklists for being a bad client.

I hate having to air our personal correspondence but he's trying to hurt my biz so the gloves are off and i'm gonna kick some ass. more photos in an album.

About Me



If you are looking for a suitable woman with high quality presentation, integrity, sensuality, articulation for elite positions, or just a secret affair, you are in the right place. Playful and sexy by nature. Elegance, exquisite manners, sweetness, intelligence, poise and sophistication define me as a girlfriend experience not like any other. I can be your perfect companion for any occasion.

Come and enjoy my delightful company. Time with me will be relaxed and lots of fun. A peaceful and cosy mood, intimate and sensual will make a playful adventure in which all our fantasies would finally come true. I will keep you entertained with my conversational and my seduction skills will bring you to your knees when I work my magic on you. I can be very naughty if you want. Let me use my seductive charm to whisk you onto my erotic pleasure world.

Sensual, erotic, experienced girl for your lustful pleasure. I've learnt from the best, and practice makes perfect! Very friendly, easygoing, wicked sense of humour! Love men of all ages, shy guys, widowers, broken. Great listener. Compassionate and understanding. Always immaculately groomed and dressed. Beautiful, fresh, charming and loving eyes are amongst my greatest assets, but it is my ability to provide you with unrivalled pleasure that has men coming back for more.

I offer a very passionate girlfriend type service, including kissing on lips and from head to toe. I am clean, healthy, very friendly and my service is unrushed. Go once or go as many times as you can, choice is yours. I am an expert at making you last. I like my clients to leave feeling 10 feet tall and bulletproof. Oh and drained of course....

I can't wait to meet you and make this moment a unique burst of mutual pleasure with everything a man could desire. I am sure these pure moments of intimacy will remain one of your best memories. I offer both Incall and Outcall Services. Outcall Service to your hotel or home. You can feel totally relaxed with me in my place. For your safety and mine, I only provide safe services at all times! I like to meet new people and I can travel almost anywhere on the globe by client request.

  Thank you for looking at my profile.  

Name: LettuceMeat Main City: Orange County, CA Sex: Female Sex Preference: Straight Body Type: Curvy Height: 5' 7" Weight: 165 lbs Race/Ethnic: White Age: 40 Availability: Incalls/Outcalls 1st Language: English 2nd Language: Turkish 3rd Language: spanglish Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Redhead Hair Type: Straight Hair Length: Shoulder-Length Body Piercings: A few Breast Implants: No Grooming: Trimmed Tattoos?: A few Smokes?: not in room, not with clients, Porn Star?: No Likes: Gifts, Good hygiene, Mature, respectful gentlemen, Chocolates, Champagne, Good wines, Well-groomed, Gentlemen over 30 years old, Fine dining, Sense of humor Dislikes: Bad breath, Poor hygeine, Rude behavior, Bargaining my prices, Personal questions, Bad attitude, Body odor, Unshowered guests, Bad manners, Arrogance, Clients who don't show up Accept Credit Cards: Cash only or Amex gift card Available to: Men 38HH: bust size, all natural


LettuceMeat is often touring, most likely you will find her in Tustin, South Bay, Pasadena, SFV, IE, randomly throughout Orange County in Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Lake Forest. If you'd like to to see LettuceMeat in your area mention it in your screening notes.

Days Times Location Comments
everyday anytime, 24/7 Incalls/Outcalls Morning appointments are best scheduled the day before., 4hrs advance notice preferred for incall


Please see my general rates and services in the table below.

Compensation is for our time together and companionship.

Please provide the cash donation discreetly in a concealed envelope or card at the beginning of our time together.

Please never mention, confirm, discuss or negotiate the rate or activities.

Please email me your request for extended time and/or domestic and international travel rates.

Please don't negotiate my rates. I offer special deals from time to time. Sign up to my mailing list to receive notifications of special deals!  i am a business woman and will at least hear you out if you have some other type of compensation to offer. Be respectful please.

I do Outcalls any time, i prefer at least 1 hour appointments if more than 5 miles away from my loction, minimum hhr. If more than 20 miles from my location i ask $20 for every 10 miles over, round trip.


Appointments canceled less then 2 hours before appointment time, missed, no call no show apointments are subject to a cancelation fee, must be paid in full before any consideration for future appointments will be made.

Rate Session Service Details
$100 USD 15min Incalls QQ no outcalls
$180 USD 30min Incalls +50 outcall
$240 USD 45min Incalls +50 outcalls
$300 USD 1hr Incalls +50 outcalls
$360 USD 90min Incalls +50 outcalls
$400 USD 2hrs Incalls +50 outcalls
$1200 USD 10hrs Incalls/Outcalls over night/all day
$3000 USD 24hrs Incalls/Outcalls weekend/friday nite-sun day night
$80 USD Incalls missed, NoCall NoShow, Last Min Cancel appointments


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